Genesis Gaming's Rust Server! FRESH WIPE 3/9/2014

Hello you sexy Facepunchers!

First, my name is Osiris, and I’m here to make sure everyone has a fun and fair experience on Rust. With my very own Rust server, I am able to do this. Let me tell you a little bit about my server.

Genesis Gaming’s Rust Server:
We host events from time to time to win prizes and have fun!
Active and Helpful admins (who play the game LEGITIMATELY)
Hacking and Cheating are PROHIBITED and NO second chances will be given to those caught.
We are open to suggestions and will do what the majority of the server pop wants with the server
Those who stick around get close to our hearts and we appreciate them greatly <3
Low population, for now, so come put down some roots and help in the founding of our server!

There is much more to our server and we would love to have you come play!

To join us, hit F1 in the Rust menu and copy and paste this command:

(For those who don’t know how to paste in the in-game console it’s Ctrl+V)

We hope to see you soon!




Bump! We are waiting for you to come play! Don’t be shy! Come on over!

I’m on the server all by myself! Someone come play with me! Bump!

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Come join, I’m fun! Establish your home before others and become one of the biggest powers in the server! Now’s your chance!

Anyone want to play some Rust? Come on over! Waiting for ya! Bump!

Bumpity bump bump

What’s up Facepunchers! Server is still pretty fresh! So come build and establish your stronghold over the weekend here on our server! We hope to see you soon!

Bump! Come play!

This is a great server still trying to establish itself. I’ve been playing here for over 1 week now with no lag issues at all. Come check it out, we won’t bite.

Come on! Come play with us today!

Several new people joined today, come get in on the action.

Hey guys, still trying to populate! Come on over!