Genome soldier taken out by Heavy Deployment Suited Foxhound Soldier

Looks pretty good, actually fusat.

Looks damn good, but you could take something else than the arctic for the genome soldiers.

theres shit flying everywhere

With the position that soldier’s in, does this surprise you?

Good shot, too bad the CS:S models are crappy in the posing department.

The dirt/mud/shit/whatever seems a bit strange seeing as the guy isn’t thrashing that much.

But other than that it’s okay.

If anyone’s played MGS4 or MGO, when you play in first person, when you’re walking all this dust and and dirt and shit gets on your screen, that’s kind of what I was going for.

Surprise Sex?

Looks good, though the Genome/Artic’s face looks dully surprised. Yes, I know, you can’t really do anything about it.

Eh, I think the MGO/MGS4 dust effects are a bit… grimier.

The dirt doesn’t look so nice but the camera angle, posing and lighting are all good.

Y’know there is a real genome soldier model out there right?

Would look better with a non-original css gun :slight_smile:


But looks great if you overlook it :slight_smile: