"Gentelmens, please, no questions..." - Dr. Magnusson arriving at White Forest Base.

“Just get this device in garage and give me some minutes to rest…”

Wanted to show Magnusson as man that despite his age, still ready to take on adventures :v:
Oh and fuck yeah i rebuilded Mr. Whirly by myself :V
Oh and as always ingame editing :stuck_out_tongue:

This is pretty goood, it’s cool. Ive seen the whirly thing a few times on here, I’m wondering what it is and where it is from…

It’s the vehicle you drive in the HL2:EP2 mod ‘Research and Development’.


Is this mod any good??? (I’ll go look it up in Valve Games section, I saw the mod there)

I see you are happy now with your working whirly : )

Short, but good.

Fuck you made me want to download it now, ARE YOU HAPPY THAT YOU GAVE ME ENTERTAINMENT?


I want it.

No point in putting an “s” in Gentlmen(which you missed spelled). It is already plural. Yea yea, you from Russia or somthing, but don’t let it happen again. Next time I won’t be Lenin a hand like this.

Oh my. What a pun.

I know right :rolleyes: