Gentle Manne's Soldier medal

Is it in Gmod for everyone (like Bill’s Hat. I haven’t preordered L4D2 but I can get it for Gmod), and if so how can I find it? I looked in items in the Team Fortress 2 folder but it’s not there.

It’s in the TF2 GCF called (class)_bill.mdl (class being the class you want it for, like pyro), so i’d guess they’d show up in a search for bill in GMod (if TF2 is mounted).

It’s not there. I’ll open the GCF and drag it across. Thanks for helping me with the name though. Medal…bill…ugh.

I think I may have gotten confused as to what you were asing for ^^; Have you got a picture of it? So I can be sure.

This one:

I dont think it is. The Gentle Manne’s medal was a one off thing. If Valve made it so everyone had the model in their files, but it was always off, someone would just figure out a way to hack into so everyone could have the Medal.

Id assume since it was a one off thing, once you got it, it dled and you have the model. Ill assume you dont have it (?) so pretty much your outta luck unless some models it for you?

If you browse in GMOD you can find the medal model. I have no clue what shadow_of_intent is rambling on about.

I may be wrong, but at least i tried helping.

Pretty much you just said:

“I know how to get the medal model, but im not going to tell you where it is”.

Help him, dont be an idiot.

Like I said, Bill’s Hat is there and I didnt preorder, so I’m assuming these files are in the GCF for everyone. The medal may be different but I don’t know what it’s filename is.

There’s a model in the soldier’s items called “Medal.mdl” that uses a texture that looks alot like in that picture.

Memobot, if you wait until I release my TF2 model fixes and edits, you will get the medal.

If you want to give the soldier a medal with out having to use the separate model, I’ll try to dig up and ent_fire command. It can also be used to remove his hat and give him a rocket in his hand.

“ent_fire !picker setbodygroup 1”

change the 1 to 6 or 7 for the medal