Gentlemen arguing about the food.

I don’t know.

Haha originalty! :v:

It’s good, but the apex looks twisted.

Pretty cool idea.

Original and funny. Execution could use some improvements. But those werewolf models aren’t the most easy ones to pose.

I love it Santz! Funny and original!

Now what about that Alien and Predator idea? :buddy:

poor guard :smith:

**AH-HOOO! **Werewolves of London.

Great :smiley:

Nice…I like it. BTW what map is it?

It’s a map from the mod Forsaken, Fsk_dirtyangel or something.

Thanks for the comments :buddy:

I came into this thread thinking it was just another generic and basic screenshot. But now i’m leaving with a grin on my face.
Thank you, good sir!

It would be cool though if a spy would show up with his mouth filled with cigarettes and yell mentegen ?

I love the nearly completely neutral look on the cops face.
“Oh dear, this is rather disagreeable situation.”

Maybe hes dead or unconsicious.

I love the pipe.