"Gentlemen! What is a couple of Federation gents as yourselves doing out here?"

“Why, there isn’t anything but wastes and bandits out here! And myself and my humble quarters, that is.”



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*what are

sorry, im tired and it won’t let me change the title.

You transformed the scene from when I saw it last time in the thread, great job with the new revision. The scenebuild is magnificent, along with the depth of feild and color scheme as usual, but my only complaint is the re-using of the car window angle. While it’s not bad, it gives the picture a scene of repetitiveness.

I scrapped the other scene because it was so empty and boring; whilst I still liked the view from inside the car.



I’m sorry I’m a bit new to this but, where did you get those “Soldier” models?

I like the perspective a lot.



Also these guys are a nice little addition.


Yeah, the car is a bit…tiny. It looks like a toy

Looks really nice, but you could have made it look much better. Spend some more time on it, texture some parts, fix the blockiness of the car. And some volumetric light from the headlights would take it up a few notches.

The colours look off for some reason.

dude you have some weird texturing fetish or what


Great work, my friend, one of your best.

Pretty nice.

I love the dialogue.

pretty. very pretty.

Nice pic, love the Blacklight soldiers. :buddy: