GeoForts gf_stifyo Glitch?

Lolz i wish i had taken pictures. Maybe next time. Anyway most of you know of GeoForts GF_Stifyo right? Well i was messing around trying to build my fort and i was trying to get a player spawner as far as i could. So i went in the water and started pushing the spawner into the wall. Guess what? It went right through! If you kill yourself you can choose to spawn in that section! I was catty cornered to the opposing team and so i pushed it through the green sections wall and into the blue section. After that i placed it atop one of their towers so that it wouldnt be found so easily. I waited for the fighting to commence and i chose to spawn ontop of their turret. It was MAYHEM! We were infiltrating their base like wild men. Its hard to describe but maybe il come back with pictures next time!