Geoforts is Gone!?

Where’s The Geoforts servers gone these days? I take it since Garry released that update it must of killed the game mode, I guess in a result of not much people playing on them it just died.

If anyone is willing to host a server me and my friend will be on it before you even host it.

Thanks for listening, oh and this is the thread that Night-Eagle made when he released the gamemode:

I have one setup, I’ll start it now to see if it works

btw if it is just you and a friend playing it wouldn’t it be easier just to use a listen server?

edit:my server still appears to work -

I don’t know how long I can leave that up though because of the current resource usage of my dedi but I will try to keep it online if it gets popular enough

Thanks a millon man me and my friend are there right now.

I think the weapons may still be broken atm though

(instant reload lol)

Yeah I noticed, the famas is well and truley fucked, the gamemode could do with some major changes with the weapons, I’d like to see a prop, block which is 1x1 please (I you have a modeler.

why 1x1?

Seriously It comes in handy, my friend was forced to use a 1x2 and there was 1 little bit sticking out so that gave me a chance to stand on it and jump up to see him while shooting.

Think i’ll try to set up the gamemode for my server. :wooper:

Epic try adding more maps to the server, I can try and make some since geoforts maps need to be simple, but you’ll have to get me off my arse I usually end up not finishing my maps, here is my steam:

Server’s up, gonna fix the weapons later.

Ok I’ll check out the server dude :wink: oh and I’ve accepted your friend request :smiley:

I’ll still go on your server marcround.

Edit Edit: I’m gonna have to go on your server now marcround.