[tab]Release:[/tab] SVN Alpha
[tab]Version:[/tab] Revision 11
[tab]Stability:[/tab] Imperfect - Self-administration AI and block movement undo faulty
[tab]Other notes:[/tab] Uninstall all other add-ons, some interfere with collision groups and bug up qualify round. See Wire, Stargate, and GCombat - I don’t know which one is the culprit. Set sv_allowdownloads 1
[tab]Google Code:[/tab]

**Latest stable revision:** 9

Latest revision: 11
Last Updated 14:51:10, Wednesday, July 9, 2008 (PST)

SVN Repository Access
Username: geoforts
Password: read-only

NEW: Early version of CSE2 and 3D equipment menu!

Build a fort and engage in combat with modern weaponry to capture the enemy flag.


  1. Preround
    Allow players to join, can be skipped by vote

  2. Build
    Construct forts by adding basic building blocks, scoreboards, armories, and moving player spawns.

  3. Qualify
    Players will spawn in the center of the map. They must tag their flag and run back to the center. The more time it takes, the less damage the team will do. Only one player needs to qualify. If the team fails, they cannot capture flags and enemy teams cannot capture theirs.

  4. Fight
    Capture the enemy flag by bringing it back to your own flag.

This gamemode will feature the first release of CSE 2.0. Currently, only a modified version of CSE 1.x is being used, and will be phased out soon.
Players may reselect their arsenal, including one primary weapon and one sidearm. All weapons are balanced in terms of damage per clip and the system is completely skill-based rather than money-based. When more maps are available, this will be subject to change.

Geoforts features Counter-Strike: Source weapons and custom building blocks.

-Movable spawn points and block spawners
-Fully-featured spawn point selection and queue system
-Vote system for extend and skip rounds
-Counter-Strike Enhanced SWEPS 2.0 (WIP)
-Player vote system for mingebag destruction reversal and banning, activated and reinforced by a statistical AI engine or team-vote initiative (WIP)

Bugs/Sophisticated Features:
-The SWEPs
-The spam prevention system (Will print messages when overflowed)

How you can help me:
After running a server with a good amount of players, e-mail me the following file and delete it when finished:
If you think you have found a bug not listed in “Sophisticated Features”, PM me.
I’m also looking for a server to test in - I will need access to the server file system and administrative capabilities.

Projected Release Date:
Shortly (Valve time)


@include "base.fgd"

@PointClass base(Angles) studio("models/buildingblocks/blockspawn_1.mdl") = gf_bb_spawner : "GeoForts - Block spawners"
	skin(choices) : "Team" : 0 =
		0 : "Neutral"
		1 : "Blue"
		2 : "Yellow"
		3 : "Green"
		4 : "Red"

@PointClass base(Angles) studio("models/buildingblocks/playerspawn_1.mdl") = gf_playerspawn : "GeoForts - Player spawn"
	skin(choices) : "Team" : 1 =
		1 : "Blue"
		2 : "Yellow"
		3 : "Green"
		4 : "Red"

@PointClass = gf_gametimer : "GeoForts - Game timer"
	output OnBuild(void) : "Fired on build round start. Restore all dividers here."
	output OnQualify(void) : "Fired on qualify round start. Remove/disable all custom building tools here."
	output OnFight(void) : "Fired on fight round start. Remove all dividers here."

@PointClass base(Angles) studio("models/roller_spikes.mdl") = gf_flag : "GeoForts - Flag"
	TeamNum(choices) : "Team" : 1 =
		1 : "Blue"
		2 : "Yellow"
		3 : "Green"
		4 : "Red"

@PointClass base(Angles) studio("models/buildingblocks/playerspawn_1.mdl") = gf_qualifyspawn : "GeoForts - Player qualify round spawn"
	skin(choices) : "Team" : 1 =
		1 : "Blue"
		2 : "Yellow"
		3 : "Green"
		4 : "Red"

I suggest you use a beta name for your map, like gf_stiyo. In a later version, it will be called gf_stijyo, so it goes from sound like “Sty, yo!” to “St. Jyo”! (Mapping techniques not yet complete, decompile my map for filter details.)

Looks awesome!

I’ll download it when I get a chance.

Reminds me of Sourceforts, just how is this much different? Except that it’s in Garry’s Mod of course.

-Uses a class system
-Implements Half-Life 2 weapons and a slower combat system
-Has static player spawns and block spawners
-Has a static flag
-Does not have a qualify round
-Only has two teams
-Does not use the physgun
-Does not have a mingebaggery damage-reversal system (WIP)
-Does not support its older maps (WIP)
-Supports only a new specific map type (WIP on implementing)

Holy shit, Night-Eagle is alive.

And with a new gamemode to boot.

Nice to see you’re still alive, Night-Eagle.

Can’t wait for a release.


Pretty cool, I like the custom building blocks.

What major features would you say this has that distinguish it the most from other build/attack gamemodes? (such as fort-wars)

It heavily encourages building - all blocks are free and everything is movable, including shared spawn points. Because it can take less than one minute to get in and out of a poorly designed base with the flag, good design is crucial and firepower is no longer the most important element.

Awesome, playing with + working on GF+ was what got me into gamemode scripting. :slight_smile:

Seems very cool, installing it now, If I like it enough you may have yourself a test server. :smiley:

I’ll host a server, check Today (Valve Time)

And map download is deactivated.
So, could you please upload the maps to so clients don’t have to download the whole SVN?

Just got a listen server up at, just for testing, can’t handle too many players but i’ll take as many as I can handle.

Map download will be deactivated for me aswell.

Night-Eagle you can’t just disappear for like 8 months, and then show up unexpectedly with a cool fucking gamemode like that, man. You’ll start a riot or something.

The gamemode was already existing, he just revived mostly and added new things.

Uploaded the map to


I’ve had 3 players connect so far, all complaining about missing textures and models, one who is a friend of mine and installed it is having the same problems.


Currently clients are having problems seeing the spawn points and prop spawners, they cannot use any of the F keys (f1, f2, f3, f4)), and the weapons for them are apparently really messed up. The game works perfectly for whoever’s hosting, but for clients it doesn’t seem to work whatsoever.


They’re also getting spammed by entities/gf_playerspawn/cl_init.lua:77: attempt to index field ‘geof’ (a nil value)


Solved, noticed sv_allowdownloads was off, turned it on, all is well. Going to kill my bandwith however.

Tried this out on my own. It’s pretty decent. I’ll be watching for updates. Keep up the good work.

It looks like fortwars but with less Props to use

I played this for an hour or so, and I have to say it’s really fun.

The qualifying round is a brilliant idea, although it was a little confusing at first. I only skimmed through the help menu (naturally), so for my first qualifying round I didn’t know I had to bring the flag back, which of course screwed me over royally.

I think it would be nice if you added help messages that pop-up through the notify system to preven these sorts of things. So when the qualify round starts, it tells you that you have to run to your flag; when you pick it up, it tells you to run back, etc. In the same vein, it would also be nice to have a notify that tells you when you’ve picked up somebody’s flag (and maybe when somebody else has picked up yours).

Also, I agree with your previous post: building really is the best part of this game. I made my fort a nonsensical maze filled with fake entrances and hidden passages. It was stupidly entertaining watching enemies circle around, trying to figure out how to get in as I shot them from the comfort of my bunker. I also set it up so that a fake entrance could be easily switched for a real one in case one of them found a way into my base. Coupled with hiding the flag in random nooks and crannys, that made my fort pretty hard to crack.

I saw some other pretty cool strategies too. This one guy had a huge fort with high walls and several fake entrances like mine. The real entrance was cleverly hidden underwater. On top of that, you had to jump across a series of platforms to get to the flag, which was suspended in mid-air high above the base. Another player built a long tunnel entrace that you had to crawl though, followed by a series of narrow ramps leading to the flag.

But there was this one guy that just built a fort that was impossible to get in to and sat there shooting people. He was kindof annoying. I think it would be better to just remove all the team’s props if they can’t qualify, then respawn the props the next build round. That way they’re still forced to participate.

Another thing that bothered me about the building was that you get punished for making your fort too complex. I can understand the time-limit for the qualify round, but the damage reducing deal seems to curtail the fun that can be had from building an awesome fort. It encourges players to build lazy open forts and rush to the spawner so they can do more damage than everybody else. I don’t think that’s what you wanted. Other than that, though, the build round was definitely a cut above that of other mods like FortWars and SourceForts.

While the building was fun, combat was a little weak for me. The core idea is tried and true (shoot the badguys), but it feels a little bland right now. First, the weapons: CSE’s style is great for singleplayer and tactical shooters, but in team-based multiplayer CTF they’re boring. All the weapons are point-and-click bullet throwers. I know you can do better than that. I don’t expect an AK-47 that shoots exploding babys or anything, but a little more variety would be nice.

The combat also gets a little weaker with only 4 players or less. It’s basically a free for all deathmatch CTF, and it’s very hard to attack and defend at the same time. Would you consider allowing only two teams if there are less than 4 players? (or maybe even if there are less than 6 or 8 players?).

Actually, I would consider always having two teams, if only to reduce the incredible number of props on screen at a time. It can get really laggy with 4 full forts being rendered. Of course that’s unavoidable, but I think it would be worth your while to ease the load a bit. Perhaps bigger blocks for those high walls, or a smaller block limit, or simpler block models (if that’s even possible). The more optimizations, the better.

I also heard some people complain that the fight round was too short. I didn’t notice it personally, but I guess that’s something to take into consideration. In addition, none of us could figure out how re-suplliers work (I’m actually not sure if they even exist!) The one who did get one working said it only gave 1 health per use or something, which doesn’t sound very useful. And, it would be REALLY nice if people got points for captuing the flag. :smiley:

So that’s about all I can think of for now. Overall, I was really impressed. The block spawners and scoreboards were a nice touch, and the moveable spawnpoints work wonderfully. I think this is shaping up to be a killer gamemode. Keep it up!

I remember playing GF+ with Devenger and Rabid Toaster. Awesome gamemode with all sort of tricky ideas for making a base.

LOL @ TetaBonita.

That’s the most longest constructive criticism post I’ve ever seen. :v:


Looks good, though haven’t got to test it yet( because I don’t play gmod anymore =()

Does anyone have some maps and can upload them to

I lost all my maps. :crying:


I made a map: