Geographic Weapon Variations(GWV)

With the Rust team beginning to develop procedural map generation, its becoming more evident that the players of Rust are really getting into the whole concept of “regional variations” for things such as animals, clothing, and otherwise. All though simple in practice, this would diversify the game world to include things such as certain animal breeds only being found in certain regions, certain agricultural practices being used in certain areas, and certain types of clothes being required to survive in certain areas.
These type of ideas have been thrown around back and forth, but one thing I have not seen being discussed is the question of how exactly a bunch of “survivalist” know how to build the same exact weapons. Yes, it’s a question of weapon-porn, but it’s also a question of goofy-realism that has major effects to the play of the game.

In order to give an idea of how such a concept would work, I’d like to start off with a weapon currently in the game… The bolt action rifle.[/t]
This weapon has been a source of debate in part to it’s amazing uses in combat, but I am not here regarding that specifically. I would like to ask everyone to imagine how every person in a survivalist situation would be able to make the same exact rifle without any form of deviation. This does not even occur in real life! In South America, their is hundreds, if not thousands of city to regional variations of the Luty(and other) Machine Pistol.

Luty built to specifications by PA Luty

Bastard Luty in South America

Regional variation of the Luty, known locally as “The Blimp”


Regional variation of the Luty which adopts a less complicated design.

All these firearms have the same blow-back operation used by the Luty, but thanks to resource restrictions, different gunsmiths, and simple modifications for ease of manufacture, they all have different looks and appeals. Another thing to note: All these firearms are from Brazil.
This type of thing gets me giddy and happy, but it also brings an interesting point to the table regarding Rust… Why shouldn’t weapons in Rust have regional variations or different looks depending on the region? Let’s go back to the Bolt Action Rifle for a second… In one of the recent videos by the Rust dev team, it was shown that the procedural map generation might start including things like deserts, arctic areas, and massive forests. It could be suggested that these areas all have different resources available to the player, and as such, different variations of weapons.
If a player was only capable of getting cactus bones for the wood stock of their Bolt Action Rifle, it should actually show that. The rifle should have a different look which is unique to weapons built with different types of wood, metal ores, and otherwise. If the Rust team were to develop a system in which the player would be capable of mix n’ mashing different wood stocks, using metal ores from different regions, or just having different types of gun powder, it would give a far more interesting survival game, and it would create a unique situation for players to learn and play with. It wouldn’t be any major differences, but players would have weapons with different stocks, different metal colors, different ironsights… ect.

It is just to diversify the game, and give new ways of playing the game.