Geogzm's Compilation Thread (aka my picture dump)

I’ve posed for about a month so far, however I believe I’ve improved. Most of these poses are recent, and a few of them (The halo ones, with the broken models and gm_buttes) are a few of my very first and have only just been edited. Enjoy.

Update 1: The start (8 pictures so far)
A few halo and TF2 poses that I haven’t posted. As well as one Left 4 Dead pose.

(Last pose didn’t upload. I’ll upload it soon.)
Museum image, if I’m allowed in.

Posing is good

is it me or the heavy’s hand doesn’t even hold the sandwich?

Let’s just say he won’t be enjoying it for much longer if his fingers uh…act like that :v:

Need to work on your fingerposing.

very short and small compilation

some are good some are abit dunno average?