George (Rampage Total Destruction Wii)

That giant ape maybe everyone knows.


  • Eye posing
  • Finger posing
  • Four sizes (1x regular, 2x big, 5x bigger, 9x giant)
  • Jaw posing via physgun (to accommodate the sizes)


The trio:

Things to note:

  • The pose was ripped when George had his hands closed. There will be some distortions should you want to flatten his hand out.
  • The hair at different locations is 2d (only have one side.)
  • The model isn’t symmetrical because the idle animations in the game were too animated.

Also on Toybox.

THANK YOU!! The rampage trio is complete!!

Curious George is curious.


no monkey buisniess now

no seriously, great job ^^

Nice, George is indeed curious.

And in comes my childhood memories of the awesomeness that was Rampage. The trio is finally complete! Fantastic job!

Now onto making destruction scenes with them! : D

I’ve loved Rampage since the Sega Master System. And I love these models

LoL Nice Job Am Hey can you Tell Me if this game Is ANY WHERE for PC xD My Friend really want to play it :3

Great job, as usual :slight_smile:
Loved the 3rd screenshot.

Haha this is so awesome. Like the evil twin of Donkey Kong.

Nothing for PC. :frown:

hey, great work on these ragdolls, are you planning on anymore rampage monsters, or were you just planning on the trio?

I might do some more down the road.