[GER/ENG] Himbeers-Server [PvP/Sleeper/0.5 Crafting-Time/Events]

Hello everybody,
first of all sorry for my bad english ;D
I want to introduce my new server. The most important thing for us is your fun, so we
offer alot of different things to improve your Ingame fun and experience. We’re also searching some active admins,
so if you are interested and an active player, speak to HimbeerHunter ingame.

Name: HimbeersServer
Slots: 200

We offer:

  • Player versus Player (PvP)
  • Sleeper (When you disconect, your body will lay on the ground)
  • Tons of events
  • Active admins
  • fair Gameplay
  • Reduced crafting-time by 50%


  • Dont kill naked men, only attack them if they try to kill you.
  • No Cheating/Hacking
  • Dont be a Racist

Hope to see you on the server!