[GER/EU] ATE-Clan |PvP|Shared Doors|Instacraft|Airdrops|Events - 200Slots

Welcome to our Server!

We start this Server today and i hope that we find some active players!
Now we want to build a small community with the playing fun again! We will do our best to keep hackers away from the server!

So if you are looking for a server I would appreciate it if you support us!

TS3 IP: ts.ateclan.de:9997
Facebook: RustATEClan

How to join this Server:

  1. Press F1
  2. Copy and Paste: net.connect
  3. Enjoy


  • Oxide
  • Shared Doors
  • PM System
  • /Help System
  • /kit (easy start)
  • /list


In the future we want to start some Events!
At the moment we have the dripple Airdrop event @20.00 (8 PM)

Greetz. Strikeout

PS: Do not forget, the server is new and it is a hard way to the top.


26/200 Players are on the Server right now! our Community is grown up!
Join us!

Update: Quest System