[GER/EU] Noobfriendly PvP | Magma | SLP | Air10+ | Admins

Hello, I would like to introduce my freshly started server.


-50 slots
-Sleeper on
-Noobfriendly PvP, giving new players a chance to get into the game.
-60 minutes of spawn-protection (or until you attack a player or a structure)
-Magma plugin with Crush (destroy your own wrongly placed pillars, foundations etc.)
-50% item durability loss
-66% armor durability loss
-34% faster crafting
-Active admins (at least as much as RL allows it) who don’t abuse, doing their best to keep the server cheater-free
-Airdrops at 10 people (can temporarily be set to a lower amount)
-Cheatpunch plugin

If you have any suggestions, you may also visit our forums: http://www.drterro.de/forum/

I would be happy to see some players and groups to join us and have fun :)! See you then!