German amoured division retreating from Falaise

Would need some track editing but never did that kind of stuff

PanzerGrenadier from Ryan7269

You got some poop smears on your photo.

they don’t seem to be retreating well

If I saw an armoured convoy walking away from the town I’d blow that shit right up

Looks alright, major complaints are jpeg compression, lack of camo on the tanks (get some of the skins from the WoT forums and just convert those to .vtf format), and the WaW models, although the latter is beating a dead horse until we actually get anything better.

Oh come on dude, you should know better. They’ve been ordered to fall back from higher up, so they’re fucking off before the trouble hits them. Another unit is probably further back covering them, so they don’t need to go balls-to-the-wall out of there.

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JPEG compression, no idea how it happened, I used the picture from gmod directly to upload on imageshack. Tank skins, have some but didn’t use them because they are unfitting. If this is a Typhoon I am fucked lol. I will look on that later.

Imageshack compressed it, it’s a terrible site. Use something else, apparently Dropbox works well. I use my FTP, so I’m probably not the best person to give guidance on which sites to use… I just know which not to use.

Now they are fucked too.

That’s behind the convoy where American and British are pushing german back.

i cant find the tank models anywhere. ive tried google but it brings me to a request page on facepunch and i still cant find it

Because they are not released and there is a WiP thread in Models/skin section.