"German Dropship extraction"

Meh, new skin.
:v: I liked it, based off this loosely: http://military-photo.blogspot.com/2008/12/me108-ww2-fighter-plane.html


Waiting for cyber hitler.

He’s coming.

That is awesome.

Thanks :haw:

What models are the soldiers? Nice, AM.

Skin looks ace :wink:

Blacklight, my own personal skins though.

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check your pm’s :wink:

halo : fourth reich

Nice work. Really looks top notch.

That’s a pretty sweet skin.

Thanks guys!:smiley:

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It’s only my 5th skin :v:
but thank you.
More to come!

Looks great

Thank you sir :tiphat:




Skin owns, you pulled it off perfectly.

This is amazing. The skin is amazing. You are also alright.
More future nazi stuff please

Thanks guys :love:
And there is definantly more to come.

Those skin are awesome. Nice picture!