German firing a Mp40

Did this to test Bloos models, hope you like it :ohdear:

What did you use to edit it?


Put the blend mode on the smoke to screen and the black/grey will go away and it will look alot more like smoke.
Also, I wouldn’t suggest motion blurring smoke or muzzle flashes. It makes it look wierd.

Great work!

Did GMod get fixed yet?

Look in general discussion.
You can edit a file in your gmod directory and it’ll get fixed.
I did it and I’ve been playing since a couple of hours back.

The smoke isn’t very good and is it just me or are the shells ejecting from the wrong side?

Yep, the smoke looks very conical and too defined.

Also, it’s just a guy shooting, we have enough of that.

The faceposing, or the lack of it, seems to fit though.

Actually, the model is not yet complete, so there is no faceposing right now.

You should really dl photoshop! It’s easier to use

I did…

why I said “or the lack of it” in case, and even so, it can fit even if it was faceposeable.