German firing his mp5. (Best yet probably)

Tell me what you guys think and how i can IMPROVE!

I wasn’t aware that the German Army had access to a time machine.

time paradox much? It looks good anyway.

Germany still has an army…

Do they wear WWII era outfits?

They’re neo nazis.


It’s still badass.

Is that guy in the background carrying a AWP? Next thing you know they will be flying Eurofighters.

Focus on editing please not weapon or era, thanks.

Alright, the flash looks to solid and almost looks like a knife of light. The smoke on the shell looks off and not really like smoke. The shell itself looks like it is made of plastic. The pose is ok.

The posing is fine, as is the camera angle. But if you had shaped the muzzle flash in more of a teardrop shape it would have looked a lot cooler. Also you have the “Glowing Shadows” issue, where you try to burn some shadows onto them when they haven’t been isolated, making it look like the shadows are jumping off them.

Why thank you Vman i’ll try to fix it right now. :slight_smile:


Is this a little better at least?

The re-enactors ran out of guns.

You aren’t isolating before you burn… see how your shadows are on the walls and the background behind them? Isolate then reburn, the muzzle flash is better, but maybe add some opacity to it so it isn’t so over done.


well… muzzleflash must be edited by someone

and sniperkitty’s muzzleflash is good

It looks nice, but the guy in the background looks like a ghost

Good improvement on the muzzle flash.

Shouldn’t he be aiming at what he’s shooting at?

He’s not looking down the sights.

lightning is weird