German getting shot

constructive criticism please

Xxxxtreme BLOOM!

Tone down the bloom, and the blood looks very flat.
Posing looks kinda stiff on the left arm and the pic looks kinda empty.

Also its [IMG] [ /IMG] .

Much bloom?
I don’t think this have essential bloom, but it needs some work :stuck_out_tongue:
Death posing needs some work, the camera angle need to be better.
And, I suggest you adding some enemies :slight_smile:

Camera angle is really quite dull.

Give him an “AARUUGGGGHH!” expression and shit’s gold.

Unluckily those models are not faceposable.

Oh yeah, I forgot. I’m sure there’s different kinds on

1.add a blood thingy that pops out blood,
2.make invisible
3.nocollide into german
4.turn on

quite bland u need to add some backround atmosphere but otherwise not bad

hmmm ur right i prob should have done a little better job of my blood work


lol thank you it was my first edited picture on gimp