German guy shoots a G3.

Shameless advertising.(Click the pic, silly)

Yes hand posing is off, but I like the pic and when it all boils down that is all that matters is what everyone else thinks(what a twist).

other than the hand i think u should add a shell ejecting to give it some realism

Come to think of it that gun has no ejection port or fire selector.


No wait I think I see the ejection port but it’s way too short and it’s all the way at the back of the receiver.
Also the magazines have no followers. They’re just hollow metal boxes.

yeah wtf’s up with that ejaculation port


I think the fire selector is on the other side. And the ejection port is the lighter shade of grey infront and below the rear sight.
It’s on the other side. Look here: but that’s the the guy who textured it mistake(I don’t want to use that word). Now why there is only a Safe option, I don’t know.

Epic shot, mate.

Yay you did the L85 and the M4 and the G3!

Nice picture by the way; great camera angle.

God damn that G3 skin bothers the hell out of me. Both the model and the texture are unsatisfactory.

I’ll will probably find a new one.
This will be it. It’s got a normal fire selector and ejection port.

But that’s after my leave.

The advirtising is either a new CT pack or hexed weapons pack.

Heh no. It’s for the magless version, it’s currently broken, but I will fix in a few days. And that CT skin you can get in my only CT pack.

I like the picture. Hand’s the only problem.