German invasion of Stalingrad

The building in the background is really out of place, there’s also too much empty space.

COD 5? thats what it looks like

bad muzzleflash. And you should make the picture darker.

What the other said. Gotta give you credit on the posing though. That’s good. The problems just lie in the editing.

what an asshole!
he shot them while they were sunbathing!
how uncalled for!

I’m fairly surprised that absolutely no German soldiers were killed. That’s considering there are, from what I see, twice as many Russians.

All German bodies were removed for propaganda purposes.

Ah. That’s always good.

The planes in the background seem to resemble jet aircraft. I’d say they were bombers, but the little humps on the top are placed too far front to be wings. IIRC, Germany didn’t have jets back then during Stalingrad.

I see dead people. A bit gray and dull. Muzzle flash is a tad on the blurry side. Nice posing though.

Pretty sure those are B-17s or B-25s :S

Funny you should mention that. Those are American Boeing B-17s from DoD:S, I’m pretty sure. I catch these things, see?

You catch B-17s? Newsflash.

This just in. The madman has yet again caught another of the militaries B-17 planes.
This happened during the landing where the suspect jumped the runway and snatched it before it came to a full stop.
Measures are being discussed to bring and end to the B-17 snatcher’s reign of terror.

I’m glad for all of you.

Updated OP with new picture.

The sky in the 1st pic looks kinda bleh, but good stuff overall.