German Machine-Gunner Shoots down on American Soldiers at Normandy Beach


That German has an amazing shot, he shot every American soldier all at once!

There were two gunners in the bunkers on D-Day, so…plot hole?

fuking camper

someone’s been watching some Saving Private Ryan

Overuse on some filters, but really nice. Also I was just watching that yesterday :confused:

Must have been shitty to be there down on a beach or in a bunker.

Where is the Landing boat from?

You know im not an expert, but i’m fairly certain there wasn’t just one german defending the beach…


Yeah saw it for the first time :smiley:

Thanks for the replies all!

Haha then that German whould be an Ubermensch for killing so many Americans :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to mentions artillery, well entrenched squads, etc.

The contrast is a bit heavy and harsh but the rest is good.

I like it, but they should look like their running up the beach moar

I don’t like it.

It’s pretty good. But the color edits you did are a little plain, and the posing is off.

Well concidering the the firing rate of 1200 rounds/min times two by every bunker it’s 2400 possible hits by every minute so yes it’s a big chance you get shot the second you leave your higgins boat.

I like how all the dropped rifles are pointing in the same direction.

:v: i didn’t notice

looks like saving pribart ryan

That is one of my favorite Steven Speilberg’s films. I tried this, but eventually it got too complicated.