German Military Pack (Test Version)

Hello there, posting test version of Germans (I will not able to work on models at least for 1-2 weeks, so i’ll post my models here, in case if you don’t have access to my VK page)
Today it includes:
Wehrmacht (M36, M40 Uniforms, Greatcoats, Parkas, Undershirts, Zeltbahn)
SS (CamoBluses, SS tunic, Parkas, Kharkov parka, HonorGuard uniforms, Zeltbahn)
Kriegsmarine (Sailor uniform, with some webbing)


Credits: Treyarch (Black Ops III), Rebellion (Sniper Elite III-IV), City Interactive (Enemy Front), New World Interactive (Day of Infamy), Tripwire Interactive (Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad)

And as always, lots of thanks to Hauptmann for: Reskins, historical accurate advices
Ful76 - Black Ops III heads

Download Part 1
Download Addon - fixes, HonorGuard uniform

Also make sure to download this Physfiles fix if you don’t want to have the legs bending only sideways :

wooh hot damn, great work dude!!

Wow great job it looks like made in Germany :slight_smile:

Good work! I hope you have to create whole mod German’s war about SS or Nazis killers.

PS: It is not bad just history of Germany. I allow that because it is as past of German’s war. Who has oldest great grand parants live in Germany and they are still alive than they can argue to you. You should explain to your great grand parents because they lived since German’s war.

Keep your work!

Absolutely smashing; you never fail to elate and impress.

Sorry to bump but I noticed a few factual errors on some of the textures.

  1. The SS shoulderboards are striped on all uniforms, even though only the black uniforms should be striped.
  2. when you change the smock from Autumn SS to Splittertarnmuster or Sumpftarnmuster, the collar tabs are still SS, the SS never used either one of these patterns.
  3. The Heer helmets don’t have standard shields, even though they have spanish and french.

I also found a few factual errors on some models.

  1. On the Kriegsmarine, the canteen should be on the breadbag, that is the only way the Germans attached them.
  2. The STG-44 Magazine pouches, the pouches flaps are not wide enough, the real pouches covered the magazines fully, and were about as wide as, if not slightly wider than, the pouch itself.

Some possible future additions (suggestions) :

  1. More SS smock camo patterns, in one squad ten people could have about 5 different patterns.
  2. Maybe some Telo Mimetico trousers?
  3. Crusher caps for the SS, NCOs in the SS frequently wore the crusher cap, but they were not supposed to.
  4. Maybe some officer models?
  5. Maybe use proper M-43 caps, instead of Re-skinned sniper elite 3 caps, they are very inaccurate.

Thank you, and sorry for the bump, although 2 day difference seems fine from what i’ve seen.

About suggestions:
3 and 4 - yes, they would be in next update
5 - i’ll put m43 caps instead
(Thanks for help, you don’t bumping this thread, because it’s alive)

Forgot some texture inaccuracies -
4. The SS seem to have Wehrmacht belt buckles.
5. The SS sleeve eagles are a little far back, they should in theory line up with the shoulderboards, but this may not have been the case, so they are technically fine.

and one last model inaccuracy.
6. The lowboot feet only have winter trousers, though it isn’t that noticeable.

About suggestion 2, the only reason I brought it up was the Normandy camo on the helmet. At Normandy a lot of troops wore italian camo. such as the 1st, and 12th ss divisions, and some wehrmacht units.

On Suggestion 3, the Wehrmacht NCOs never wore crushers, they wore the proper NCO visor caps with the leather chinstrap. Officer visors had silver braid chin cords, although a crusher was more common in the field.

On S.4, the SS officers frequently wore camo smocks, so maybe make that possible? SS officer collar tabs would be 3 pips from corner to corner. on the left tab.

Sorry if it looks like I’m nagging, my friends can attest to me being a stickler for details and accuracy, so far everything is mostly correct.

Although kinda sad at how the Undershirt models can’t have lowboots, the waist is too small on them.

(also, no problem. I am always iffy about weather or not threads are alive, I’ve done too much dumb-bumps in the past.)

Where did you get the weapons from, comrad?

Another high quality release from comradIvan.

The officer model with battle uniform only (should wait SE4 mesh)

He has an NCO cap in this WIP model, you can tell by the fact that it has a leather chinstrap instead of a silver braided Chin cord.

Most officers also wore a brown calw-buckle belt in combat.

Also, seeing as this is a combat officer, he should have bodygroups for either a helmet or an Officer’s M43.

Also, maybe include some black leather gloves for the SS officer, that was commonly worn by them during the war.

This is a really nice model btw, looks great with the Richtofen head. Here’s hoping for an SS officer!.

May i ask, how am i able to install these? Or are they just previews?
I’m sorry for my ignorance, but i’ve never installed one of these “addons”.
Cheers :slight_smile:

First things first, you need to go on the workshop and subscribe to the extended spawnmenu,

then, download the addon from the link that ComradIvan provided,

then, unpack the zip, and drag the folder into this directory windows (C:)/program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons

run gmod, go into a sandbox world, it should be under “addons legacy” or “legacy addons”

you’re welcome.

He have helmet (with wire and net), im just not at home (will able to work next week) and can’t make screens with him.

Thanks a lot dude, cheers!

Quick question; I cant select the standalone helmets/ hats, did I miss something? And thanks for making the mod ofc, very nice of you

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