German Newspaper Mittelbayrische wants to write about your game.

Hello my name is Paul Bockholt
I’m a free writer for the german newspaper “Mittelbayrische” ( google it :P) sry for my eventually bad english.
I want to my a story about the success story of garry’s mod and the famous youtube videos made with it. Also I want to include a prepreview of rust. The problem is that it apperas as if i can’t find myself a beta key.
Now I don’t want to beg you for a betakey. I’d just like you to think about how good it would be to have more fans in Germany.
If you’d consider it or have any questions PM me.
Sincerly Paul

(User was banned for this post ("Dumb key begging" - SteveUK))


People will really do anything to get a key, talk about desperation…

this guy is 100% fake

Haha, this is great!

And yes Tsyolin, people will do everything for a beta-key or alpha or whatever >.^

Hello garry, I’m a writer for the New York Times and I’d like to feature an article on your new game, “Rust.”

pls giv key

  • Von Hubert Einstien

It doesn’t help that you spelt “Mittelbayerische” wrong.

like seriously

i bet some people would suck my dick for my rust account

Can I suck your dick anyways? I like dicks…

Yep course im fake that’s why you can simply google mittelbayrische and bockholt ad get to the website. Good god guys im doin this for a livin

Hi guys, Barack Obama here, Just wanted to let you know I’ve contacted my agents in the NSA and they have checked this persons internet activity and phone history, and I can confirm, he is who he says he is. So feel free to send me the key and I will make sure he gets it, thank you.



yup sry misspelled that. the e in bayer is not spoken. sadly one of my most common spelling fails. although I work for this piece of shit of a regional newspaper

Even if you are it doesn’t matter, you failed to read the sticky that states they aren’t handing out keys to anyone (Streams, Let’s Players, etc.) anymore. Get over it and wait like everyone else.

the first article you see (about the oscars) is written under my pseudo “claudia bockholt” (i dont want to be hated for theater recessions) just get it in the google translator

seems legitimate

give actual proof its you and i’ll believe it 8)

ay see ok. sad ok thread closed didnt read that. do you know how I can contact the developers impressum?

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im suprised that you answered that fast. not like this on german forums. too less people in germany i think. well we are a lot smaller thatn usa^^

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how can I proof lets see…i dont know and i dont really care if you believe me or not. then im getting no key. who cares. ill just write the article without rust

So you are a writer…but you couldn’t do basic reasearch like read the sticky at the top of the forums that talks SPECIFICALLY about getting a key?

Yeah…even if you were who you say you were, your pretty bad at your job and shouldn’t be talking about this game anyway.

Good, most other sites have done the same.

Mate i dont know anything about this forums^^ and I can’t really sort out what the des mean and what they dont -.- pretty confusing

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and btw. fuck you I studied 5 years and did a voluntariat for 2 more years. I fuckin can do my job

I didn’t realise they let children write newspapers these days