German Panzer division moving on a town at morning

Very nice. I like the lightning, would have been cool if there was dirt falling from the tracks.

Lovely lighting… but again, very odd camera angle.

More could have been done in terms of editing I think.

How so?

Nice use of the FH vehicles, but I think panzerdivision would use roads, because they move faster on these but I like it! You should add a little blue and dark smoke over the exaust pipe and dirt falling of the tread.

Some motion-blured tracks, dust, mud, better shading etc.

Got an original for this?

whats with the blue and green glowing orbs
blue-in the grass next to tank
green-on the first house

Sun reflecting on the camera.

Very nice, but it really needs some… motion, action, if you get my idea. Like already been said, mud falling off from the traks, motion blur on them. All about the editing.

Also, can I haz the map? I really like it.

Resistance and liberation beta 1.1

Comes with 3 very nice maps.