German Patrol engages American Lines in Ardennes (tracer test)

Still messing on how to make a good tracer. Can someone post up good colors for the layers I can use?

What the.

Go into gmod and spawn a wall, then color it completely black, next make a turret and shoot it infront of the black wall. Take a pic of the tracers and black wall, then go into photoshop and drag the picture on there, set the layer setting of the tracer to “screen” and from there edit it, or just use it as is.


Or just make better ones from C_D’s list of tutorials.


That’s what I do and it works out for me lol, but I edit the tracer a little.

You should try to add some snow on you’re halftrack.


Atleast try it, would look a hell of a lot better than yellow blurs


Check the whole thread, there are some nice tutorials there.

None for GIMP though.

Where’d you get the models of the kettenkrad and the half track? D:

The tracers need to be white in the middle and then glowing, not solid yellow.

Resistance & liberation


“Oh no, they’re shooting at us! With piss-bullets…”
The posing is pretty nice but you should have left those tracers out.