German Project

So in my German class, we were supposed to make a short commercial of at least 45 seconds in length. My friends and I came up with this:

And yes, we kind of suck at speaking German.

I don’t know what they were saying, but it made me laugh.

I can put up a translated script, if you like.

they should fire your teacher

The teacher that laid the foundations for our speaking skills is a different one than what we have now. The teacher we have now is actually a good teacher, we’re just bad students. We don’t study how each syllable is pronounced unless we need to.

When I hear dutch speech I think: “When will they start fucking already?”

should have used medic instead of engineer

We used the Engineer because it was an excuse to speak in a Southern Drawl.

lmao sehr gut

Dutch isn’t german. Dutch is the language they speak in the Netherlands. In Germany, Germans speak German.

Oh, Schade. Du bist nicht so gut in Deutsch.

Nein, das war nur ein Scherz :v:. Sehr gute Arbeit auf dem Video! :zoid:

Ja, ich bin nicht so gut in Deutsch. Ich spreche scheiße.

Now let’s get back to my native tongue. :v:

I understood none of that, but its better than doing a Civics project in Minecraft.

Thank you for the geography and languages lesson.

I don’t know german language, so it was hilarious as hell.

I now have cereal all over my monitor.

Funny as hell.

It was really quite funny (Though I don’t speak or understand German) but what I really want to know is where you got that Orc looking model sitting on the speederbike with the stormtrooper?

Du ist sehr gut bei sagt Deutsch!