German Propaganda Photo

My second attempt at creating a decent screenshot. I am completely new to this so don’t tear me to shreds.

I just realized I forgot to correct the middle finger on the grenade.

German=/= Nazi
Also generic

I didn’t mean to offend.

:colbert: Mr beanhead

:v: I didnt make that up, my friend did. And im not offended when some one calls me a nazi.

is his hand broken or something
and why does he have a grenade
i think theres more impressive stuff to have in a propaganda photo

I just dont like that person as much


ghhhjhbhbnn automerge

Which hand? :v:

That’s not a very comfortable pose. Do you see a real soldier doing that?

This doesn’t look like propaganda at all, where’s the catchy tagline?

Is he supposed to be holding the gernade up or winding back to throw it? His arm looks stiff as fuck. Also black-and-white filter =/= World War II propaganda

Not too decent to me.

Alright well I actually appreciate this feedback a lot more than what I… could have received. Thanks for the criticism!

You know what? I love you. You know why? You have Sgt. Schultz and Colonel Hogan as your avatar.


german aa-gun here to say
~heil fuhrer~