German Resistance at Causeway

German resistance using SDKFZ 251 to stop American progression in Causeway.

Lame angle :smug:

Too much blur, not enough lens flare.

I can even see the half-tracks until the second image.

whys there a bush in the road
oh wait thats no bush
why aren’t those dumbass infantry flanking then
and why are they in it’s line of fire
plenty ofcover to go around, so why not use it

His friend got hit so he tries to take him away.

and is that a Tiger I see behind the SDKFZ 251? The barrel?

life is not bad company 2.
medics do not run infront of tanks to electricute their fallen comrades.
and thats a serious traffic jam that sdfkz is causing
and that machine gunner can’t aim
and the DoF sucks

Yeah it’s a tiger I.

The blur is WAAY overdone.