German saluting injured American.

So I was thinking about a war scene in my mind where a German salutes a injured American paratrooper as he lost his arm and is riding a bike back to his base. The German salutes him and has a Medic come and help him. [ I have no German medic models so I used a HL2 model with a German helmet, sorry ]

Why would this ever happen?
Unrealistic as all get out, but the posing is pretty good i suppose.

It’s happened… a few times, very rare. Not all German soldiers are monsters, especially the Wehrmacht. SS and Hitlers guards would murder that guy. Say your a Wehrmacht soldier, would you help that man with no arm and can barely support himself with all hes been through, or would you take him in a corner and kill him? This is a completely fiction scene, I just thought it would be a cool scene to post on FP.

awesome concept, the posing needs work and jpeg quality should really be at 100.

You have DoD just play on the servers with a medic class and just move that model in the folder

Really? It’s happened? Find me a specific case.

Unless you pretty much lived during WW2, you can’t say it didn’t happend.
Scene is a little empty, use fingerposing. Posing could use some tiny work but other wise it’s not bad. Maybe a different camera angle, dunno. Also yes get a medic model that’s not from HL2 :v:

really good picture, good concept, pretty good posing. the only thing i can see is that the medic is walking as if he is about to throw himself down that hill…he’s leaned forward too much.

Operation Market-Garden. Wehrmacht medics treated the British wounded left behind and cut off. This kind of thing does happen. People have the common misconception that every soldier in the German military was a Nazi fanatic, this is not so. Many soldiers, especially towards the end of the war, disliked Hitler. Case in point- Operation Valkyrie. Look it up.

Geneva convention.

It’s realistic. I often ride a bike with a mashed-up arm into enemy lines.

fuckin’ lol

Thanks for positive feedback, and funny feedback Mr. pMnky. I’ll try to get another pose today, plus I have a vac ban so no DoD for me xD.


If someone wants to, it would help, if you have the Medic model, if you can upload it and send me link, i’d appreciate it.

I never said anything about Germans being Nazi fanatics. Stop trying to put words in my mouth.
I wasn’t being sarcastic either, I wanted to know if there indeed was a real case of this. You Proved me wrong so there. I was wrong and I apologize.

Still, the shot isn’t that good. I would suggest you practice posing and editing.

I just got Photoshop, >.>

Maybe next time try having the Nazi staring at the soldier not saluting. Kind of a insult to the soldier if the Nazi salutes him, but just a friendly glance would make this pose alot more dramatic.

1.I wasn’t saying that you said that. I was just addressing that many believe every German soldier in WWII was a Nazi. I told how that was completely false.
2.Thanks for proving my point.

yes this could happen, and did happen. During the christmas period of the war, both sides ceased fire, and all came together for a day or two and celebrated and ate.

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