German smokes at a checkpoint & American shoot german with pistol

made these a few days ago enjoy please comment on editing if possible.

please comment!

pretty good, the first one looks like he’s a little too slouched over though.

He’s leaning backwards on his booth.

The American looks to relaxed, seeing as he is killing a person.

That’s not a very good cigarrete model.

Second one reminds me of that bit in Bad of Brothers in Carentan, when a German comes out of a ruined house and gets shot by someone with a .45.

Looks like he’s saying
“Dat Ass”

Haha you guessed it that’s where the pose came from, I’m watching the series right now. So kick ass.


Well in the movie the first shoot the building with a rocket launcher, the German comes out, American runs by pulls out colt. And shoots the guy in the chest. Go watch it it’s like Saving Pvt. Ryan X10.

Didn’t Band of Brothers had a similar part like?
fuck didn’t see Manchester guy said something like this post.

guess i’m pretty good at posing if it reminds people of what part in band of brothers the pose was from. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it would look better if it was all darker. Rest is nice.

Well since this got bumped…

The cigar on the first pic looks like its clipping on the soldier’s mouth, other than its nice.

oh balls you’re right… 0.o crap

Needs more Airborne shooting Fallschrimjager in the second picture-- FFF forgot C&C… Hmm, everything’
s excellent :slight_smile: Like people said, American is too relaxed. HAVE YOURSELF A DAMN COLORFUL PALLET!

Most people hate war, think it’s brutal. Some people relish in. They love nothing more then to shoot another man and watch him die.

he looks like he is checking out some chick and saying “dat ass”
how can you disagree?

Cause he doesn’t have sunglasses.

Begs to differ.

Do you even know what that means

Yeah, I noticed the same thing. Maybe he used the scene as an Inspiration?