German Sniper aimed at an Allied Soldier

Situation: A German Sniper tries to kill the American before the American kills another German.


Oh no!

I don’t even own Garry’s Mod, so I guess I see nothing wrong in this picture.

no C or C???

no C or C???

comment or critic?

Posing on the American is awkward, and the head looks lifeless. Also, less bloom.

Maybe I’m just crazy, but the box in the first picture is distracting. I’d rotate it so that the logo is on the side.

XDDD i will take a screen without it :smiley:

Stop using text emoticons.

You only had basically two ragdolls to pose and you screwed up with the other half, why?

V.2 (without box)

Yeah and then it would bug a whole lot more, considering what the text it. If you were to completely hide it though, that’s a different matter.

I’m not liking the angles, posing is really wonky, and the bloom is overdone.