German Sniper Visiting His Target. "Ruhe in Frieden"

Tried editing in some things, mostly just a mesh of camouflage over the gun.

Not sure if it’s the most accurate, but I think it looks… decent.

REALLY nice!

Thanks :slight_smile:

The mesh on The Kar98 looks fantastic!

shaudenfroid- taking pleasure in peoples pain.
in this case fucked up.
good picture.

He isn’t getting pleasure from seeing someone die :P. He is visiting him to give him his condolences.

Thank you.

I bet he yelled “NO SCOPED” when he shot.

Lol, I doubt it. Possibly would of happened if it was in our time and he played tons of games.

The germans words would of probably been “GG NOOB, RESPAWN IN 5…4…3…2…”

I like the idea of the smudge on the wall, but it looks too much like a paintbrush. Although, admittedly, I don’t actually know what it would look like.

Neither would I… neither would I.

Although… I would think an impact against the wall would leave a bloodstain, whilst the blood flowed onto the wall while the body/clothing smeared it along the wall. Causing somewhat that effect, iunno.

I’m with Uberslug on the smudge but, as usual, the lighting is really nice. Good work on the camo.

Thanks Chesty.

I’m not sure what I could do about the blood smear lol.

Looks like somone uses shadows blood brushes, still very nice, rated paint

Shadows… blood brushes?

Has FP’s comments been crushed?

Yeah I like the mesh.

Just wish there was a hexxed Kar that had a mesh already on it, without me photoshopping one in.

Though, it wasn’t that hard.

Yep. That pose is damn nice.