German soldier cooks for his squad

"Hey guys, look what I made!"


It’s been in my folder for abit.

Look out! Explosive potatoe mash!

Grenades are an important part of your 5-a-day, as one of 5 food groups: Explosives, Bullets, Blunt Force, Fire and Poison.

Stone face?
I know they arent faceposable but it looks strange.

They’re a blast to have and with an explosively good taste.

Yuk, yuk, yuk.

Anywho, pretty good, find it strange how he’s cooking with a grenade.

Cooking with Grenades, hosted by Herman the German and Rachael Ray.

It made me smile

Haha. I like it.

I like the little smirk on the guy’s face.

Nice and simple.

Cooking a grenade :D?

lol i get it


Mashed grenade is good for your body…to bits.

OP is a clever man with clever jokes

And so was this right here

I just gotta love the twin meanings of certain things

I thought it was because the grenades were nicknamed potato mashers :downs:

Yep. They do look like ones.

“Try my mashed potatoes. They’ll blow you away!” Okay, enough with the explosive jokes. Nice smile.

Aw thanks guys! :love:

Heh, seig fail.