German soldier killed on a rainy night.

My first rain edit, it turned out better than I expected. C&C please.

thread music

Without rain.

First pic isn’t rain. It’s a tsunami from above. What are those white stripes on the second pic?

Nice pose
But if that muzzle flash is coming out there should be light being created onto the Brit
But kinda dont like the camera angle

I know it is a bit heavy, it’s my first you know.

As soon as I read the thread title I thought of this:

As for the pic, it’s alright, I guess. Very dark, though.

You did the rain wrong on the first pic, you want the black to be transparent, not the white!

can’t see shit

There click on the media tag.

Well, since its night it should be more dark but that way we wouldn’t see shit.

Nice rain btw, a little heavy but it looks nice :smiley: maybe some water collision on the soldiers will make it even better ^^

it needs to be lighter if you want to spot them in the rain…it took me a minute to figure out where the german is