German soldier looking out a window.

So I dug in my screenshot folder today, and found this old screenshot:

I find the posing kinda weird, mostly editing practice. And oh, I didn’t finish the editing 'cause I’m really tired. I don’t think the picture is worth continuing editing.

you like people looking out windows do ya?

I’ve made two poses involving windows. This one is kinda old.

Looks like matt damon


It kinda does!

ya need to isolate your shit

You need to isolate before you add the shadows


i cant believe a guy looking out a window could look so cool. good job i like this

Smoke could use some work and it looks like you got lazy with the isolation… or just didn’t do it at all.

Shame on you, sir!

Well, it was 2 in the morning. What could you expect? xD



I dont wanna :3

Either do it right or not at all that is what I do

very nice

You like people looking out windows.

Very good(!!!), except the smoke. What model do you have used for this, please? :slight_smile:

It’s from a mod called Resistance & Liberation.