German Soldier Moving Up Through Fire

Okay so here’s another pose, one is edited with blood, and one is edited with blood and film grain. Again, my editing is not so great.

C&C :buddy:


Hmm I like the first the best.

The depth of field is hurting my eyes and the blood is really bad. I can’t quite believe you managed to make it so bright when you have an in-game decal right next to it as a reference for how dark to make it. The camera angle is also pretty dull and leaves a lot of wasted space.

Good models doesn’t automatically make your pictures awesome.

You can see whats wrong with it yourself, so don’t go saying C&C

Why o why did you get those models.

lol ? cool!!

I see no fire.

I got them for my own entertainment, not to be criticized by some faggot who won’t let people have fun and pose.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Uberslug))

Needs more blur and grain!

I think he meant by enemy fire, not fire fire.

not so keen on blur or the effect on the second one sorry

my reaction when i saw your post=



The filter rape hurts my eyes!

Valid point, he must be a good friend of the porter to get to test the models.

I bleed neon paint too. Really though, blood needs to be much much much darker, turn bloom down, better angle, and voila, much better pose

Posing is great, DoF is bad, and for editing you should politely ask for assistance.

Good try.

The soldier bleeding is taking a shit


dude, when are those models goung to be released?

We can’t have them but that troll can.

Bloo why in god’s name would you give the models to this man

He also pretends to be a girl or something :3:.