German soldier spots a sniper in a tree too bad he didn't see the bullet

:siren: Disclaimer :siren:
This is my first pose in a while so it might be a little on the suckish side.

First angle:

Second angle

Horribly overbuilt scenebuild.



No words can describe what I was going to say. To save me getting banned from Fagj-- I mean Benji :ninja: , fix the editing and models, default DoD looks too “plastic” or like un-finished; beta models. Otherwise 4/10

I expected a reply like that.

how does one see a bullet coming at them?

the DoD models look very stale, pose is generic


Scenebuild is not horrbile overdone, its horrible underdone
I still see parts of flatgrass08 everywhere.

Yeah the scenebuild isn’t even a scenebuild. You can still see all the way to the edges of the map.

The map edges are not bad in the first pic, but the greyscale just like that is ugly.

What I don’t get is why a sniper would shoot a single German soldier when there are two Tigers and an armoured car nearby. He’s asking for that tree to get blown the fuck up.

Also, if your going to put vehicles, atleast make them where you can see them for christ sakes. Theres lots of vehicles there and the only picture shows ONE of them.

sideways trees?

Silly german forgot to use his time control watch.

Overbuilt? Underbuilt is what that is, good sir! It’s not that good. Sorry.

Yep, that fact shocked me too!

Horrible Scenebuild*
It’s not even big, it’s all in black and white, bad graphics, boring, bad posing.
And you can see the flatgrass part.


Damn! everyone said fuck these pictures.
I like the 1st one it’s somewhat good.
the others didn’t need to be black and white also, though.

Kyle, you’re doing it wrong, add more effort.