German Soldier Turning from an Explosion (Generic, who cares)

Testing new styles and a little test for my competition with Domino =)

Here is a concept - Arty style


(Cut out the guy on the right =D )

I don’t want to seem Boastful, but i’m EXTREMELY proud with the outcome.

Nice editing, but the face needs a lot of work.

You do know that it wasn’t face-posed? :smiley:

Oh i see you edited out Posing, yeah i agree the face needs work :slight_smile:

Whose idea was it to use a real face?

he looks like he’s saying “THIS IS SPARTA!!!”

This is really awesome, as usual. The face kinda ruins it, though.

The face was the reason i made the image, everyone needs practice

IMO, you nailed the color scheme that I wanted in the first pic. Curse you! :stuck_out_tongue:
The shadows could need some work, as the face have to much and to dark shadow and doesn’t fit the shadow of the body, but you remember what I said about layers right? :wink:
When it comes down to the face, you nailed the cutout, and it does fit :slight_smile:

The explosion looks good, though you need to work on the smoke around it a bit :smiley:

I am really looking forward seeing your entry in our small, little comp :3

Haha the face looks completly fucking retarded.

This is sparta

That looks brilliant but the face feels out of place… It’s kinda like he has no chin.

Worse, this is the screenshots section!

I thought you were a very nice duck? :’(

I was about to sa… Post that.

don’t like face.

Awesome, but I dont like the face.


It looks good, but the face is way out of place.

For some reason… I lol’d :v:

Me too. But only after I had shat a brick or two.

Make the soldier zombie!!!

The face…