German soldiers beat a Belgian student before execution. (c. 1915)

FYI the German soldier with the knife is BEHIND the victim

C&C Please.

WW1. Nice. I like the pose, maybe some motion blur though?

If it’s WW1, I see an inaccuracy. Mausers didn’t have sight hoods until around 1943. But that couldn’t really be helped. Very good posing and editing.

I don’t think those are meant to be mausers. The Mauser was still a prototype around the time of WWI, which would mean these are supposed to be Gewehr rifles.

Unfortunately, no one wants to make a Gewerh when an M16 is much cooler so we WWI posers have to content ourselves with these future weapons.

Shit, the German’s fist is still too blocky.

The right German’s arm looks kind of off

Arms don’t need to be extremely outstretched to fire a pistol

Anyone know any other ‘town’ maps that aren’t entirely ruined? I want to try to get out of Venteux.

The posing looks pretty good although there is something odd about the blood.

Again, shame about the models.

We really need to find a pickelhaube helmetted model. I want to try some WWI poses myself.