German solider directing a Tiger commander.

Was playing with some idea I had. Basically for anyone who doesn’t know anything about WW2 era tanks, they had something called a periscope or periscope mirrors. Basically it gave them a rather limited view of the outside world while buttoned up. So I tried to image what it would look like peering through one of these mirrors.

Here is what I came up with.

And a bonus as I had this laying around from my Kuma War plane images, and I thought it looked kinda cool.

2nd pic is just great

good job


pretty good, but that broken bench needs to go as it obstructs the subject.

I really like the second pic.

Really, really awesome idea and camera angle. The posing is good too. It looks like you really messed up the isolation on the soldier though and he looks overly sharp.

Nice use of FoV

i LOVE the 2 pic, rated artistic

Ya, I couldn’t get his isolation correct, plus I gaussian blurred the Tigers smoke AFTER I isolated him causing it to blend into him a bit. Thanks for the comments.

Second image hardly looks like Garry’s Mod.

Not sure if thats a compliment but thanks!

Rated artistic

I came here, looking for a picture with to much contrast and bad editing. But this is really nice.

Why thank you good sir.