German Steel and Porsche Engines-No match.

Slimey Russians, see what they think of good ol’ German steel and Porsche engines

I forgot how to make rain. I can’t believe it. Been that long and I can’t remember. So, what I have doesn’t feel the same as I used to have it and there’s nothing I can do about it :S I must be forgetting a step or something. Yadda yadda whatever.

I was working on something else but my saves got corrupted and in my rage (classic “FUUUUU-” moment) I decided to mess around on something else.

Created the same day as my previous pose.

Actually it’s Maybach engine, not Porsche

Not from where I heard it :slight_smile: But you are right (historically speaking :V )

Oops sorry, excellent posing as usual, bueatiful editing and muzzle flash effect. Have a pallet :slight_smile:

Guy on the right is like: “One little, two little, three little ruskies. four little, five little ruskies”

Great picture, Riley.

Overall, this is great. Upon closer inspection of the rain, I’m not sure what it is but it does look a bit off. Is it because there’s no “wider” drops that are closer to the camera? If most of them are the same width then it seems like the rain is falling in a… line I suppose… and not everywhere. It kind of just looks like an overlay instead of having a lot of depth.

Sorry if that makes no sense. By the way is your avatar from Waltz with Bashir?

The picture is nice and edting is cool but , the muzzleflash just looks wrong on the pistol.

Except from the muzzelflash, I love it. Very well done.

Ah, it’s beautiful.

Great posing, and great editing!

Nice. The muzzleflash isn’t perfect and the rain splashes feel a little fake (I doubt rain would bounce off uniforms like that, especially not that visibly) but great lighting and depth-of-field.

Right before I posted (the picture) thought the same thing considering it’s cloth and all that.

Thanks though.

I think it depends on the strength of the rain and how wet the clothes are. If I remember Pan’s Labyrinth correctly, there is a scene where it’s rain with a similar effect (bouncing rain and stuff)


Nice bullet impact on the Russian. Any special trick?

If the uniforms were soaked it might.

LOL russian strategies “THROW MORE PEOPLE AT IT”

Thats the stuff i like

Can you post a link to the model please?

One, thank you for bumping an old thread :/. 2 The model’s are not released they were part of a project bloo was doing, it may be dead.