German supressing fire

This is my first screenshot and I need help with editing.

You don’t need help with editing. This is your first picture. You shouldn’t even be thinking about editing yet.

Get posing down and then move on to editing - don’t try and learn both at once.

Whenever you ‘think’ you’re done with the pose and you take a Screen-shot, make sure you save
the pose and once you look at the pic you should notice mistakes and things you need to work on.

I see you didn’t Finger-pose him so hes just got a gun on his lap and try to get Face-Posable
models so you can work on there emotion of what is happening around them.
And use different camera angles and don’t leave empty spaces like your left part has.

Like if you just made a picture of a man holding a gun and had this empty space all around him, You should
Put some props or some other people who are with him or people fighting or crop so you don’t see emptiness and you see cool shit yoh.

What Chesty said. Don’t worry about editing. You might never have to edit.
Look at Karimatrix, he never uses out of game editing and is a screenshot badass.

These model aren’t face-posable.

Is that better?

That one is really empty. Change the camera angle a bit to not leave a big hole in the scenes focus.
Also use image tags.

put the picture URL in here

Take a look at this one: