"German wehrmacht underfire"

didn’t know what to call it. :smith:
Just testing some skinz yo


New update/ teaser
2 new skins :v:

I like this futuristic German thing going on. Hope to see more soon.

Yay, now we can see them in action.

I’m pretty sure that by the time he started bleeding out of his nose and mouth and his gun is down there the blood still wouldn’t be flying out, although you did do the blood nicely

More to come, Definitely more Camouflage variants.

Really nice! Looking foward for other camo variant.

Fucking nice man!

thanks <3

Ya’ welcome!

The guy on the left looks so depressed. :frown:

Maybe it’s because that blood wasn’t that tasty.

Well, I mean he is in the process of getting shot

He’s not even surprised though! He’s kind of like “Oh well, I was dying of cancer anyway.”

He is

Why did you link me to this after I already saw it? Jeez.

Way to not comment.

Go easier on the colour overlays when you edit.

Oh good, the Imperial Guard Wermacht Regiment.

Nice picture guy!

Thanks guys

God you are such a nice guy, you should be a moderator :wink:
BTW: Megan Fox is hot but you are better.