"German wehrmacht underfire"

Did you get permission from Bloo to do these skins?

Nice posing and editing.

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He shouldn’t be a moderator just because he’s nice.

I did get permission. yes.
I asked when he gave me the models.
and thank you! :wink:
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:love: thanks good sir :tiphat:

fantastic work on the mid-air blood

damn…this is awesome

Actually yes. Most of the mods needs to think more like a noble lover more than a dictator.

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I’d jerked off to the 2nd pic, is that bad?

He really shouldn’t. If you can contribute to the forum/you’re unbiased towards people (Rusty100 is a good example of the complete opposite).

Being nice is just a addition, nothing you should base a moderator status on.

Softly-softly mods generally aren’t very good at moderating. It should be someone who’s hard but fair (especially in a fuckhole like this place).

what he said.

i really like the detail like the scraches and wear/tear on the uniforms and body armor, the splittertarn looks really nice on that model

Everything’s lookin’ good but is it just me, or do the characters look a little stiff?

Dude, when Retribution comes out tomorrow, I may just have to make an army scheme like this.