Germans assault MG nest

I used black and white cause I was bored…and then I got lazy so I only spent like 30 seconds isolating the first guy.

Whats with the bad spelling?

It looks like he’s gonna hammer the ground with the stick grenade.

I swear if he doesn’t get dumb for the shit posing, i’m going to fucking rage-- nah nah :P. Looks good to me, just fix the editing, looks like spray painted blood :stuck_out_tongue: also take some more time with the posing, start with body and move from there, other than that 7.8/10 :munch: :tiphat:


Its not an epic fail this time!

And how would I go about adding blood thats not spray painted?

Also, hows the posing for ther other 3 germans…do they suck too?

They all pretty much suck.

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I like the black and white effect with the red blood, but I’m not really feeling the posing.

The grenade looks to be in an awkward position, like … is he going to throw it underhand or something? I don’t think the grenade would go very far if he threw it overhand the way he’s holding it.

Otherwise, good work!

So umm…how do you throw a grenade?
Never done so irl so I wouldnt know, sorry.

Neither have I… but when you throw a ball do you do it so that your arm arcs in such a way that it will hit the floor 6 inches in front of you? No.