Germans in a field: generic zombie shoot

ok round 3 C&C appreciated but uknow dont just say its shite

1st one is acouple of krouts walking through a field, tried 2 different edits 1st ones based in winter the other in summer

and this one is a some soldiers shooting down a corridor in 1st person view, the reason the gun isnt shooting is cause his outa ammo (really its cause the flash was blocking the view)

so pls write whats wrong and if you got the time how to fix it up

3rd picture:
The guy on the left isn’t using his stock.
The guy on the right has a chicken arm. Tuck in his elbow.

Work on the posing in the first pic.

The trees are way too cluttered together. It’s just a tree wall.

For the last pic, that’s not how you hold a gun.

I see a lot of effort, you just need to polish your posing a bit.

I’d say what Santz did. Also composition-wise the last could use some work, the first 2 are fine. Make sure you get those worked out, then work on the effects.

On the first pic the guy on the right is holding his gun like it’s just a plastic toy.