Germans in a snowy forest

Once again I attempted the graphic novel style…

Please click the original for a comparison, don’t be shy now


at first view I thought you used that new gmod filter (forgot the name) but then I looked at the original. looks pretty good

Sebol?, Pretty good

I think it needs more contrast, especially on the characters.

Bah i thought that! My stupid mind … I tried making it dark and gritty

The muzzle flash doesn’t seem right. It’s like there is not enough force pushing the flames out or something.

I love how the background looks, and the posing is nice.
Altho I agree with Chesty.

amazing backgroud and very nice pose.

How did you guys make the forest in the background like that? It would come in handy.

Off-Topic: It’s Sobel, not Sebol.


Epic, just that the Nazi’s aren’t wearing their right uniform.