Germans killing prisoners

Well I tried again. :confused:

The german holding the gun to the americans head is alright, but the other two still look awkard.
Try to take more intresting angles.

Im sorry to say, but the posing is one of the most horrible ive seen in a while.

Plus the kneeling american is floating in mid-air.

1-turn the bloom off…
2-tuck their asses in…

Oldest rule in the book: Tuck their damn asses in.

Imagine yourself in the position of the character you’re gonna pose; Do you stand with your ass sticking out or not?

1- There is no bloom

and also he isn’t floating it just looks that way i mean i didn’t even freeze the legs. Bad angle i guess.

Oh God.

Yes there is. Just because you turned bloom “off” doesn’t mean there isn’t bloom. There is still the map’s default HDR settings (which are, most the time, excessive).
You need to turn bloom “on” and then put all the sliders as low as they will go, apart from “darkening” which needs to go on full.

That large object in the background looks very out of place.

Called a Halftrack young man, please look it up. :eng99: